We would like to join, what can you do



You have a foodforest end would like to join in in The Iternational Foodforest Week find some suggestions below.



For a start download the poster above. On the white suface add the information you would like to share about your event. Think of time, date, address, and your program. Share this poster as much as possible.


Mail us a link to your event on etuyn@hotmail and it will be published on this website.


Only together we can turn this int a succesfull celebration.


Suggestions to make your event seccesfull

- Open up your foodforest to the public

- Invite speakers or influencers, think of politicians or a local celebrity. Also someone with knowledge of foodforests or propagation can be interesting.

- Prepare your own speech/workshop

- Create your own activity like a participation day, workshops on propagation, making bee hotels.


And do not forget to inform us!!


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